My instructional philosophy

I've had a strained relationship with teaching over the years. In part because (I thought) I did not enjoy it, and in part because I thought my time could be used elsewhere. Despite this, I continued to teach at Visiting Faculty positions in numerous colleges and Universities across India. And over time, I realised that teaching is vital to sustaining and building my own expertise in disciplines that I instructed.

Pedagogically, I despise the top-down approach of a traditional classroom. I, as an instructor, am not all-knowing and all-powerful. You, as a learner, are not meek and irresponsible. My classes typically do not have a hierarchical tone or structure; I aim to engage in a participatory model of instruction. I use applied examples, multimodal teaching methods, as well as look to learners (not students) for their input and feedback. I firmly believe that I can learn more every time I teach. I encourage creative applications of knowledge, which are nearly always rewarded.

In the past, I've taught modules and courses on experimental psychology, cognitive psychology, research methods and statistics, research ethics, research software, and behavioural economics, among others. I am currently working on developing a module on the Foundations of Creative Thinking, which is aimed toward students and practitioners alike. In case you would like to know more, please connect with me.